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Polarised lenses

Don't miss any detail: discover our curated selection of polarised lens styles.

-Reduce glare and eye strain

-Maximize colour contrast and visual clarity

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Gradient lenses

Because they feature a variation in lens tints, gradient lenses 
add an effortlessly glamorous touch to any outfit. Discover our stylish  collection for a sought-after look that is still going strong.

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Mirrored & Flash lenses

Live glare free: mirrored  and flash lenses reduce glare and lend you that unmistakable look that makes you stand out in the crowd. Get inspired by our eye-catching collection and turn heads wherever you go.

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Clear lenses

Get ready for a kaleidoscopic explosion of colours. See the world brighter and clearer than ever before through our new selection of Clear lens styles.

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Blue light filter lenses

Enhance your digital everyday with our Blue light filter lens styles, selected to improve visual comfort in front of digital devices, through blue light filtration.

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Photochromic lenses

See how light plays with colours. Discover our  curated selection of styles featuring Photochromic lenses that darken and fade according to changing light conditions. 

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Ray-Ban Evolve lenses

Discove our Ray-Ban Evolve selection featuring a light responsive lens technology, shifting from clear to grey.

-100% UV protection
-Front-side light  cosmetic treatment

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Oakley PRIZM™ lenses

Explore the world in high-definition with our high-performing Oakley collection. PRIZM™ lens technology maximizes colours and contrast, offering a more detailed viewing experience. 

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