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The horoscope selection

The horoscope

Your style is written in the stars.
Explore the new astrology-inspired selection and let the signs guide you to your new favorite pair.

Your style is written in the stars. Explore the new astrology-inspired selection and let the signs guide you to your new favorite pair.


This fire sign is full of energy and often on the go. They’ll do anything on a dare and their determination is unmatched. Oakley is the perfect companion for their ever-evolving lifestyle. Prizm™ Ruby lenses contrasted with black frames perfectly capture the sign’s essence.


The Bull. Don’t let the name scare you, this sign is a big softy on the inside. They take an all or nothing approach to life – there is no in between. Characterized by their confidence and reliability, Gucci makes the perfect match with bold styles that stand the test of time.


This air sign’s charisma is their defining feature. They are curious, quick to adapt and not afraid to try new things. Versace is the perfect match for The Twins. The Biggie family with its gold Medusa medallions encapsulates their bold personality and love of finer things.


The sweet and sensitive Crab. Cancers are famous for their empathetic, emotional side. They are fiercely loyal and highly imaginative. Dolce&Gabbana is Cancer's perfect companion and this hand-written print allows them to express themselves in style.


A fire sign that loves to stand out from the crowd. Ruled by the sun, they exude warmth and are highly passionate individuals. Their love for luxury makes Bvlgari the ideal fit for this sign with gold finishes and oversized frames with assertive style.


This earth sign is known to be hard-working, patient and kind. They’re incredibly loyal and they make long-lasting friendships. Their pragmatic approach pairs perfectly with Ray-Ban style. These timeless ‘60s and ‘70s inspired shapes in classic tortoise print leave a Virgo feeling confident with no room for second-guessing.


Also known as “The Scales” for their fair-mindedness and knack for diplomacy, Libras are social butterflies that know their way around a crowd. They have great aesthetics and they know style when they see it. That’s what makes Burberry their ideal companion with a women’s cat-eye and solid-blue square shape for men.


Though they might be guarded, the Scorpion is one of the most empathetic signs. They are brave and determined individuals who are not afraid to speak their minds. Persol personifies their nature with elegantly designed foldable glasses and style that exudes confidence and strength.


This sign is effortlessly magnetic. Their optimism and sense of humor creates a special gravitational pull. They’re well-known for being travel lovers and their spontaneous spirit and ability to live in the moment takes them far. These Oakley shades with mesmerizing purple Prizm™ lenses vividly capture their energy.


They might be known for being all work and no play, but this unique sense of responsibility and steadfastness is what makes Capricorn someone you can depend on. They have high standards for themselves and those around them which is why they pair so well with Prada. These catwalk-inspired styles are the perfect fit for their established sense of self.


Always in search of mental stimulation, Aquarius are independent thinkers with an innate desire to do good. They are creative minds who often break the mold. Ray-Ban is their ideal match with air-inspired blue tones and Evolve lenses that transform according to their environment.


This compassionate and intuitive sign is often musically-inclined. They love to romanticize and fantasize. Pisces are most content when they’re able to make those around them happy. Emporio Armani turns shades into poetry for this artistic sign with soft cat-eye shapes and a slim metal navigator shape.

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