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$( "#gallery-modal-collection" ).dialog({ dialogClass: "template" }); $( "#gallery-modal-inspiration" ).dialog({ dialogClass: "template" }); }); </script><!--[if IE 7 ]> <div id="content" class="ft-page ft-landing ie7 ie"> <![endif]--><!--[if IE 8 ]> <div id="content" class="ft-page ft-landing ie8 ie"> <![endif]--><!--[if IE 9 ]> <div id="content" class="ft-page ft-landing ie9 ie"> <![endif]--><!--[if (gt IE 9)|!(IE)]><!--><div id="content" class="ft-page ft-landing"><!--<![endif]--> <div id="rl_safari"> <img src="/wcsstore/SGH/experiences/RLSafari/css/images/rl-safari-image-map2.jpg" id="themap" usemap="#Map" alt="Polo Ralph Lauren" width="942" height="883"> <map name="Map" id="Map"> <!-- link: video --> <area shape="poly" coords="116,160,160,158,158,161,175,161,415,158,419,157,435,157,464,157,464,201,463,204,465,313,466,392,466,405,466,419,466,432,456,433,427,432,419,431,411,431,170,433,165,434,147,434,129,435,120,435,119,391,118,290" href="#" id="video-gallery-link" title="Watch Video" /> <!-- link: about --> <area shape="poly" coords="505,158,550,156,550,159,559,159,757,157,760,157,756,201,753,238,750,281,747,324,745,358,743,391,740,429,707,430,651,430,603,431,560,430,551,433,532,433,514,434,508,431,508,378" href="#About" id="collection-gallery-link" title="About the Collection"/> <!-- link: inspiration --> <area shape="poly" coords="562,698,570,704,575,709,620,708,681,708,746,707,829,708,830,689,830,671,829,648,828,628,828,616,780,613,728,609,732,550,738,473,579,475,569,476,563,472,529,474,531,512,532,524,533,680,542,679,561,674,580,669,598,665,617,661,633,659,650,659,668,664,687,673,704,683,714,692,715,700,710,706,703,707,695,702,686,692,674,682,663,675,650,671,634,670,614,674,591,682,572,688,567,693,581,696,601,700,617,703,630,704,635,706,625,707,610,705,594,702,569,698" href="#Inspiration" id="inspiration-gallery-link" title="Ralph Lauren's Inspiration" /> <!-- thumbnails top to bottom --> <area shape="poly" coords="769,112,904,121,898,210,885,209,853,207,838,206,838,205,844,204,853,203,863,203,872,202,879,201,884,201,883,198,876,198,869,199,858,200,848,201,839,203,834,204,830,205,827,206,811,204,796,204,782,203,769,202,763,201" href="/us/8053672072204?sid=EXP-RLSafari-8053672072204-US" title="SHOP POLO RALPH LAUREN" /> <area shape="poly" coords="762,213,769,213,778,214,789,215,800,216,816,217,829,217,833,218,837,221,843,222,851,221,861,220,872,221,882,221,891,222,896,222,897,226,896,235,896,240,896,244,895,256,894,269,893,284,892,293,892,301,891,310,887,312,877,310,856,309,833,307,802,305,778,303,762,302,756,301" href="/us/8053672072211?sid=EXP-RLSafari-8053672072211-US" title="SHOP POLO RALPH LAUREN" /> <area shape="poly" coords="755,312,890,322,884,410,874,410,749,401" href="/us/8053672084320?sid=EXP-RLSafari-8053672084320-US" title="SHOP POLO RALPH LAUREN" /> <area shape="poly" coords="749,413,883,422,884,426,878,511,743,502" href="/us/8053672072525?sid=EXP-RLSafari-8053672072525-US" title="SHOP POLO RALPH LAUREN" /> <area shape="poly" coords="743,513,878,521,872,610,867,611,777,605,737,602" href="/us/8053672072358?sid=EXP-RLSafari-8053672072358-US" title="SHOP POLO RALPH LAUREN" /> </map> <div id="the-info" style="width:280px;"> <h1 class="font-replaced">RL67 SAFARI COLLECTION</h1> <h2>SPECIAL EDITION</h2> <p>A mix of rugged explorations and elegant refinement, this new collection perfectly fits into the world of Ralph Lauren.</p> <a href="/us/sunglasses-trends/RLSafari?sid=EXP-RLSafari-Col-US" title="Shop the Collection" class="cta font-replaced">SHOP THE COLLECTION</a> </div> <!-- end the-info --> <!-- START VIDEO MODAL --> <div id="gallery-modal-video" class="hidden"> <div id="ft-video-container"></div> <a href="#JS" class="p8-close">Close</a> </div> <!-- end gallery-modal --> <!-- END VIDEO MODAL --> <!-- START COLLECTION MODAL --> <div id="gallery-modal-collection" class="hide"> <div class="about-holder"> <div class="popup-content"> <h1 class="font-replaced">RL67 SAFARI COLLECTION</h1> <h2>SPECIAL EDITION</h2> <p>The inspiration for the new Ralph Lauren RL67 Safari special edition eyewear collection lives in the adventurous vision of a safari expedition.</p> <p>This special edition eyewear for men and women taps into the powerful heritage of Ralph Lauren's safari-inspired apparel and watch collections, featuring new material combinations-such<br />as vintage gunmetal finishes, leather and canvas accents, and stunning safari colors for frames and lenses. Using<br />state-of-the-art production techniques, the expertly crafted eyewear stays true to Ralph Lauren's standard of excellence, borrowing the galvanic processes used on metals for the Ralph Lauren RL67 Safari collection watches.</p> <p>Timeless and sophisticated, the RL67 Safari women's styles introduce fresh colors and patterns to some of the brand's most iconic eyewear silhouettes. For men, RL67 Safari frames are brand-new creations, designed exclusively for this<br />special collection. Every frame comes complete with<br />an elegant leather and green canvas package.</p> <p>The RL67 Safari special edition eyewear collection<br />is a fitting addition to Ralph Lauren's world<br />of international exploration.</p> <a href="/us/sunglasses-trends/RLSafari?sid=EXP-RLSafari-Col-US" title="Shop the Collection" class="cta font-replaced">SHOP THE COLLECTION</a> </div> </div> </div> <!-- end gallery-modal-collection --> <!-- END COLLECTION MODAL --> <!-- START INSPIRATION MODAL --> <div id="gallery-modal-inspiration" class="hide"> <div class="inspiration-holder"> <img src="/wcsstore/SGH/experiences/RLSafari/css/images/rl-safari-inspiration-bg.jpg" alt="Ralph Lauren Inspiration" width="564" height="572"> </div> </div> <!-- end gallery-modal-collection --> <!-- END COLLECTION MODAL --> </div> <!-- end experience --> </div><!-- end #content --><!-- TODO: Update path to swfobject file but it could be OK as is--><script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.sunglasshut.com/wcsstore/MadisonsStorefrontAssetStore/javascript/swfobject-2.2.js"></script><!-- TODO: Update path to JS file --><script src="/wcsstore/SGH/experiences/RLSafari/js/rl-safari.js"></script> <!-- TODO: Perhaps update the paths below but they could be OK as is. --><!-- TODO: Path to page for updating flash player is not correct --><script type="text/javascript"> var swfFile = ''; if ($.trim(swfFile) != ''){ var h = ''; var w = ''; var src = '/' + swfFile; var expressInstall = 'http://www.sunglasshut.com/wcsstore/MadisonsStorefrontAssetStore/swf/expressinstall.swf'; var params = { 'quality': 'high', 'wmode': 'opaque', 'menu': 'false', 'scale': 'noscale', 'salign': 'tl', 'AllowScriptAccess': 'always' }; var attributes = { 'xiRedirectUrl': window.location, 'redirectUrl': 'http://www.sunglasshut.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Orphan?catalogId=10101&langId=&storeId=10152&page=get-flash' } var flashvars = { 'imagePath': 'http://www.sunglasshut.com/wcsstore/MadisonsStorefrontAssetStore/', 'swfPath': 'http://www.sunglasshut.com/wcsstore/MadisonsStorefrontAssetStore/', 'cid': '' }; var flashvarsString = ''; if ($.trim(flashvarsString) != ''){ var array = $.trim(flashvarsString).split('&'); for (var i = 0; i < array.length; i++){ var keyVal = array[i].split('='); if (keyVal.length == 2){ var key = keyVal[0]; var value = keyVal[1]; if (flashvars[key] != null){ flashvars[key] += value; }else{ flashvars[key] = value; } } } } flashvars['imagePath'] = encodeURIComponent(flashvars['imagePath']); flashvars['xmlPath'] = encodeURIComponent(flashvars['xmlPath']); flashvars['configXML'] = encodeURIComponent(flashvars['configXML']); flashvars['swfPath'] = encodeURIComponent(flashvars['swfPath']); flashvars['servicesXML'] = encodeURIComponent(flashvars['servicesXML']); flashvars['callPath'] = encodeURIComponent(flashvars['callPath']); swfobject.embedSWF(src, "flash-content", w, h, "9.0.0", expressInstall, flashvars, params, attributes); } if($('#flash').attr('class') == 'flash-update' || swfFile == ''){ $('.noflash').css('display', 'block'); $('#flash').html(''); }</script><!-- !DELIVERY: OVERAL ENDS -->

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