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Fit: M

Ray-Ban Stories

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RW4003 Ray-Ban Stories | Round

Ray-Ban Stories
Regular - High Bridge Fit
A frame that covers an average portion of the face.
High Bridge Fit
Offers a more secure and comfortable fit for those with a high nose bridge and lower cheekbones. A good choice if the bridge of your nose is above the level of your pupils.
Size M (100mm)
colors (4) Blue / Dark Blue / Classic / Polarized

Sold out

About this style

About Ray-Ban Stories

The first generation of Ray-Ban smart glasses that keeps you connected. So you can keep your eyes on the world around you.
Capture photos and videos, pause a song and share authentic stories without leaving style behind.

Product Details

Dual 5MP Camera

Take photos and videos hands-free and stay immersed in the moment. Capture from a first-person perspective and enjoy consistently high quality content thanks to the automatic light adjustment and stereoscopic photo depth.

Touch control

Pause your song, take a photo or record a video in a single touch with the hyper-responsive touchpad and capture button.


Discrete open-ear speakers allow you to seamlessly switch between taking a call and ordering a coffee. The 3 built-in microphones capture sound in all directions so you get rich voice and sound quality for calls and videos.

Charging case

Charge your frames on the go with the compact, portable charging case. A fully charged frame will capture and sync up to 30 videos, or up to 500 photos.  

Facebook View App

Facebook View is your smart glasses operating system and content sharing companion. Once you’ve downloaded the app and set up your Ray-ban Stories you can import and edit captures, create and share unique content, and manage settings. Download it from App Store or Google Play.

Benefit of Polarized lenses

Explore the world and do not miss a single detail with Ray-Ban Stories polarized lenses. The Polar technology intercepts reflections and blocks glare for better contrast and improved clarity.

Eliminate glare
Increase visual clarity
Enhance Contrast
Reduce eye strain

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Quick View


1. Download the Facebook View app from your app store and log in using your Facebook account.
2. Turn on the Bluetooth setting on your phone.
3a. Start by turning on your glasses. Slide and hold the power switch towards the lens until the notification LED starts blinking white, then release it. The notification LED blinks white while your glasses turn on, which can take up to a minute. When the notification LED turns solid green, you're ready to continue. (If you can’t complete this step, continue to 3b, otherwise move on to step 4)
3b. Your glasses should arrive partially charged, however you may need to charge your glasses before moving on to step 4. Place them inside the charging case and connect the case to a power source. 
4. Put your glasses into Bluetooth pairing mode. Slide and hold the power switch for 5 seconds and release when the light blinks blue. Your glasses will appear in the app when they're in pairing mode, which can take up to 10 seconds. 
5. Continue following the instructions in the Facebook View app to finish setting up your glasses. 
6. Enjoy exploring your world in a new way with Ray-Ban Stories

For illustrated set up instructions, please refer to the Facebook View app.

Your Ray-Ban Stories comes with the following accessories and user manuals:
•  Charging case 
• Type-C to Type-C USB charging cable
• Soft glasses pouch 
• Quick Start Guide
• Safety & Warranty Guide

The power ON/OFF switch is located on the left inner arm of the glasses, near the hinge.
To turn ON: Slide and hold the power switch towards the lens until the notification LED starts blinking white, then release it. The white LED will blink while your glasses turn on. When it turns solid green, you’re ready to continue. 
To turn OFF: Slide the power switch all the way to the left. There is no LED or sound to signal that the glasses have turned off.        

You can download the Ray-Ban Stories companion app, Facebook View, from the Apple App or Google Play stores.

Please note: 
The app is only available to download in supported countries.      

If you’ve paired your phone and glasses before, they should automatically pair again. To pair them for the first time, follow these set up instructions. 

If your glasses aren't connecting to the app, follow the in-app suggestions or manually try the following actions:
1.  Forget Device in your phone’s Bluetooth menu and pair them again
2. Close and relaunch the Facebook View app 
3. Download the latest version of the app from your app store
4.  Make sure your glasses are sufficiently charged
5. Force restart the device

Use the touchpad on the right-side temple of your glasses to control playback and volume: 
• Tap once to pause / resume playback 
• Tap once to pause or play audio
• Double tap to skip forward 
• Triple tap to skip back
• Swipe forward to turn the volume up 
• Swipe back to turn the volume down

When you close your glasses, audio streaming will pause. When you reopen the glasses, they will reconnect via Bluetooth.

There are two ways to take photos and videos with your Ray-Ban Stories:

1. One-touch control 
To take a photo, press and hold the capture button. The white notification LED will blink and make a sound during the capture.

To record a video, press the capture button once to record a 30- or 60 second video. Press again to stop recording. The white notification LED will stay on while you're recording. 

The default video length is 30 seconds, but it can be extended to 60 seconds in Facebook View App settings.​

2. Hands-free voice command
When Facebook Assistant is wake word enabled, you can use your voice to take a photo or video. Say ""Hey Facebook, take a photo"" or ""Hey Facebook, take a video."" 

When you take a photo or video, the capture LED will activate to indicate to those around you that you may be recording. To learn more, watch the Product Tour via the Facebook View app within Settings.         

Once you’re in the Facebook View app, select a photo or video and tap on the share icon. You’ll see different ways to share your captures or save them to your phone's camera roll or gallery. Limitations may apply depending on which app you're sharing to.       

To adjust volume on your glasses, swipe forward on the touchpad to turn up volume and swipe back to turn down volume. You can check how the volume sounds to people around you by removing your glasses while media is playing. 

You can also adjust the volume of system sounds in the Facebook View app. Some examples of system sounds include low-battery warning and a sound to indicate you're taking a photo. 

To adjust the volume of system alerts: 
1. From the Facebook View app, tap on your profile photo in the top right.
2. Tap System Alerts.      
3. Tap System Sounds.

Charging your glasses
To charge your glasses, put them in the charging case*. You'll know your glasses are charging when the case LED blinks after you've docked them and closed the case.

*The first time you charge your glasses you need to remove the protective plastic tab from the metal charging connections on the case. When you dock your glasses, the left temple should attach to the metal charging connections and the right temple should gently rest on the right side of the case.        

Charging your case
To charge your charging case, use the USB cable that came with your glasses to connect the case with a charger or port. To charge from a wall outlet, you'll need a USB-C plug, which is not included with your glasses.

Case LED
Your charging case has an LED indicator on the front of the case, which shows charge status of the case or glasses.

When you open the case without your glasses inside, the LED will show the charge level of your case. Green means that your case has over 80% charge and orange means you have less than 80% charge. If you see red blinking, this means your case is out of battery. 

When you open the case and your glasses are charging inside, the LED will show the charge level of your glasses. Red means the case is out of battery or your glasses are not charging, green means that your glasses are fully charged, and pulsing orange means your glasses are charging. If your case is plugged in, the LED will remain on. If your case is not plugged in, the LED indicator will show charge level for 8 seconds. 

You can also see the charging status via the Facebook View app within Settings. 

You’ll be able to see the battery status of your glasses via the Facebook View app within Settings. If the glasses are charging in the case, you’ll also see the battery status of your case.

Charging safety 
For safety information on charging your Ray-Ban Stories please refer to the Warranty and Safety Guide.

(1) Ray-Ban Stories require mobile phone and wireless internet. Facebook account and Facebook View App required to share social content. (2) Facebook account required. (3) Facebook Assistant currently operates in English, French and Italian. But selected voice commands are only available in English.

Ray-Ban Stories require mobile phone and wireless internet access. A Facebook account and the Facebook View app are required to share content on social media. Facebook account required. Facebook Assistant is only available in the English. Ray-Ban Stories and the Facebook View app are currently available and supported in the following countries: United States, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Spain, Belgium, France, Austria. Ray-Ban Stories feature: dual cameras, open-ear audio, and pairs with the Facebook View app to edit and share your content. IMPORTANT! For ages 13 and up · May interfere with personal medical devices · Voice command is only available in English · Requires: a mobile phone with Android (location services enabled) or iOS operating systems, wireless internet access, and a Facebook account · Detailed system requirements, software terms of licence, terms of service are available at Ray-Ban® Official Store USA · Warranty information inside and available at Ray-Ban® Official Store USA · Features, functionality, and content are subject to change or withdrawal at any time, may be protected by digital rights management technology, unavailable or restricted in some areas, may depend on wireless service plan or internet service provider and may require subscriptions or fees · Requires updates to be installed from time to time, including prior to first use · This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference; and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

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