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Fit: M

Smart Glasses

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RW4006 Ray-Ban | Meta Wayfarer

Smart Glasses
Regular - High Bridge Fit
A frame that covers an average portion of the face.
High Bridge Fit
Offers a more secure and comfortable fit for those with a high nose bridge and lower cheekbones. A good choice if the bridge of your nose is above the level of your pupils.
Size M (130.73mm)
colors (6) Black / Green / Classic G-15
About this style

Ray-Ban | Meta Wayfarer

An icon of style from Hollywood to hip-hop, the Wayfarer never stands still. Forever embraced by the next generation of culture makers, now its journey continues with AI-enhanced wearable tech. Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer smart glasses enable you to live in the moment and share how you see the world. Listen, call, capture and livestream features are seamlessly integrated within the classic frame.

Technical specifications



Capture exactly what you see and hear with the new ultra-wide 12 MP camera and five-mic system. Take high-quality photos and immersive videos and share it all to Facebook and Instagram. Toggle between your phone and glasses camera when you videocall or livestream (1), so that everyone can experience your unique view of the world.



Seamlessly switch between your favorite tracks, calls, and surroundings  with discreet, open-ear speakers. They’re custom built to deliver extended bass and high maximum volume for a rich listening experience, even in noisy or windy environments. Everything is for your ears only, thanks to improved directional audio.



Spark your creativity, get information, and control your glasses just by saying “Hey Meta” (2). Ask Meta AI (3) to get what you need and never miss a beat.



Unlock a range of hands-free possibilities with voice command (2) – call and message, capture content, and manage media settings with your phone in your pocket. Or activate the features in a single touch with the hyper-responsive touchpad and capture button.



Up to four hours of battery life, plus a sleek, portable charging case – which provides up to nine more charges on the go (4) – means you can focus on your day without interruption. The slim case (5) fits in your back-pocket or bag, while smart charging preserves and extends your battery life.



Our improved companion app enhances the experience of your glasses. Pair multiple glasses to your phone, and manage them in one place. Take an interactive tour and discover key features via a new Home tab. Add special effects to content, and easily share with friends. (6)


Your Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses come with the following accessories and user manuals:

- Charging case

- Quick Start Guide

- Safety & Warranty Guide (also downloadable here

- Instructions for ordering Prescription lenses

- Cleaning cloth

Charging your glasses

To charge your glasses, put them in the charging case and place it on the nose bridge inside the charging case*. This is the only way to charge the glasses. You'll know your glasses are charging when the case LED blinks after you've docked them and closed the case. You can also see a charging icon in the Meta View app.

*The first time you charge your glasses you need to remove the protective plastic tab from the metal charging connections on the case.

Charging your case

To charge your charging case, connect the case to a power adapter using a USB-C cable and plug it into the front of the charging case. This is the only way to charge the case. 

Charging safety

For safety information on charging your Ray-Ban Meta Collections please refer to the Warranty and Safety Guide.

Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses can only pair with one valid Meta account at a time. You'll need to factory reset your glasses before someone else can use them.

You can use "Hey Meta" to capture photos and videos, make calls and send messages, control media and volume, and check battery status by saying:

Photo Capture

“Hey Meta, take a photo.”

“Hey Meta, take a picture.”

Video Capture

“Hey Meta, start a video."

“Hey Meta, start recording”

“Hey Meta, record a video now.”

"Hey Meta, take a video.”

“Hey Meta, end video.”

“Hey Meta, stop video.”

Calling and Messaging

“Hey Meta, call [contact name]."

“Hey Meta, call [contact name] on Messenger/Whatsapp.”

"Hey Meta, send a message to [contact name].”

“Hey Meta, send a message to [contact name] on Messenger/Whatsapp.”

Media and Volume Control

“Hey Meta, pause."

"Hey Meta, next.”

“Hey Meta, stop."

"Hey Meta, resume.”

“Hey Meta, volume up."

"Hey Meta, volume down.”

Battery status

“Hey Meta, battery status."

"Hey Meta, how much battery is left?”

Sharing from Glasses

"Hey Meta, take a picture and send it to [contact name]"

"Hey Meta, take a picture and send it to [contact name] on Messanger/Whatsapp/my phone"

Time & Date

"Hey Meta, what time is it?"

"Hey Meta, what's the date?"

Voice currently operates in English, French and Italian. But selected voice commands are only available in English.

Your glasses use Wi-Fi in two different ways: 

1. For normal use, the app connects to your Wi-Fi network. 

2. When importing captures or installing firmware updates, the app will connect directly to your glasses' temporary Wi-Fi network.

There are two ways to take photos and videos with your Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses:​

1. One-touch control ​

To take a photo, press the capture button once. The white notification LED will blink and make a sound during the capture. ​

To record a video, press and hold the capture button to record a 30- or 60-second video. Press again to stop recording. The white notification LED will stay on while you're recording. ​

The default video length is 30 seconds, but it can be extended to 60 seconds in Meta View App settings.​

2. Hands-free voice command ​

When Voice is wake word enabled, you can use your voice to take a photo or video. Say "Hey Meta, take a photo" or "Hey Meta, take a video." ​

When you take a photo or video, the capture LED will activate to indicate to those around you that you may be recording. ​

To learn more, watch the Product Tour via the Meta View app within Settings. ​

(1) Feature requires 5G wifi or cellular and minimum ambient temperature condition of at least 5º C. Performance varies based on user location, device battery, temperature, internet connectivity and interference from other devices, and many other factors.

(2) Voice features available in English, Italian and French. Select voice features available only in English.

(3) Up to 4 hours on single charge plus up to additional 32 hours of charge time per fully charged case. Battery life varies by use, configuration, settings and many other factors. Actual results will vary. Visit our FAQ for more details.

(4) To reduce waste, we ship the Ray-Ban Meta collection without a charging cable. Visit our FAQ for cable and adapter information.

(5) Facebook and Meta account required.

Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses require mobile phone and wireless internet access. A Facebook account, Meta account and the Meta View app are required to share content on social media. Facebook account required. Facebook Assistant currently operates in English, French and Italian. But selected voice commands are only available in English. Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and the Meta View app are currently available and supported in the following countries: United States, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Spain, Belgium, France, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark. Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses feature: camera, open-ear audio, and pairs with the Meta View app to edit and share your content. IMPORTANT! For ages 13 and up · May interfere with personal medical devices · Voice command is only available in English · Requires: a mobile phone with Android (location services enabled) or iOS operating systems, wireless internet access, and a Facebook account · Detailed system requirements, software terms of licence, terms of service are available at Ray-Ban® Official Store USA · Warranty information inside and available at Ray-Ban® Official Store USA · Features, functionality, and content are subject to change or withdrawal at any time, may be protected by digital rights management technology, unavailable or restricted in some areas, may depend on wireless service plan or internet service provider and may require subscriptions or fees · Requires updates to be installed from time to time, including prior to first use · This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

(1) This device may not cause harmful interference; and

(2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

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