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<!-- !DELIVERY: OVERAL STARTS --> <!-- TODO: Remove if jquery is already loaded --><script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script> <!-- TODO: update path to mothers-day-13.css --><link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="/wcsstore/SGH/experiences/mothersday2013/css/mothers-day-13.css" /><!--[if IE 7 ]> <div id="content" class="ft-page ft-landing ie7 ie"> <![endif]--><!--[if IE 8 ]> <div id="content" class="ft-page ft-landing ie8 ie"> <![endif]--><!--[if IE 9 ]> <div id="content" class="ft-page ft-landing ie9 ie"> <![endif]--><!--[if (gt IE 9)|!(IE)]><!--><div id="content" class="ft-page ft-landing"><!--<![endif]--> <div id="mothersday13"> <div id="hero"> <h1 class="font-replaced">EVERY MOM<br />IS A STAR</h1> <h2>TREAT HER TO HER FAVORITE<br />SUNGLASSES AND SEE HER STAR<br />SHINE THIS MOTHER'S DAY.</h2> </div> <!-- end hero --> <div class="padded-content top"> <div class="left-side"> <div> <a href="/ca/sunglasses-trends/MD13Opulence?sid=EXP-MD13-Opulence-CA" title="Elegant Opulence - Shop Collection" > <!-- TODO: update path to image --> <img src="/wcsstore/SGH/experiences/mothersday2013/css/images/mothersday13_elegant_opulence.jpg" width="326" height="178" alt="Elegant Opulence"/> <h1 class="font-replaced">ELEGANT OPULENCE</h1> <p>Indulge her. Give her the touch of luxury she'll adore all year long. Extraordinary, just like mom.</p> <span class="arrow">SHOP COLLECTION</span> </a> </div> <div class="last"> <a href="/ca/sunglasses-trends/MD13ProudMama?sid=EXP-MD13-ProudMama-CA" title="Proud Mama - Shop Collection" > <!-- TODO: update path to image --> <img src="/wcsstore/SGH/experiences/mothersday2013/css/images/mothersday13_proud_mama.jpg" class="last" width="326" height="178" alt="Proud Mama"/> <h1 class="font-replaced">PROUD MAMA</h1> <p>Looks she'll adore from the sidelines. Stylish sunglasses combine soccer mom with fashionista. Make her shine like a fashion star.</p> <span class="arrow">SHOP COLLECTION</span> </a> </div> </div><!-- end left-side --> <div class="right-side"> <div> <a href="/ca/sunglasses-trends/MD13Runway?sid=EXP-MD13-Runway-CA" title="Runway Ready - Shop Collection" > <!-- TODO: update path to image --> <img src="/wcsstore/SGH/experiences/mothersday2013/css/images/mothersday13_runway_ready.jpg" width="326" height="178" alt="Runway Ready"/> <h1 class="font-replaced">RUNWAY READY</h1> <p>Nothing shines brighter. Celebrate mom with fabulous designer looks. Spoil her with high fashion.</p> <span class="arrow">SHOP COLLECTION</span> </a> </div> <div class="last"> <a href="/ca/sunglasses-trends/MD13Active?sid=EXP-MD13-Active-CA" title="Always Active - Shop Collection" > <!-- TODO: update path to image --> <img src="/wcsstore/SGH/experiences/mothersday2013/css/images/mothersday13_always_active.jpg" class="last" width="326" height="178" alt="Proud Mama"/> <h1 class="font-replaced">ALWAYS ACTIVE</h1> <p>Game on. Give mom high-performance or polar looks to see her take home the gold. Win her over with top style this Mother's Day.</p> <span class="arrow">SHOP COLLECTION</span> </a> </div> </div> <!-- end right-side --> </div> <!-- end padded-content top --> <div class="padded-content middle"> <div class="left-side"> <!-- TODO: update path to image --> <img src="/wcsstore/SGH/experiences/mothersday2013/css/images/mothersday13_best_sellers.jpg" class="last" width="200" height="200" alt="Brilliant Best-Sellers"> <div class="info"> <h1 class="font-replaced">BRILLIANT<br />BEST-SELLERS</h1> <p>Light up her world with extravagance. Treat mom to these bestselling stars, daily chic to live in. The perfect complement for mom.</p> <a href="/ca/sunglasses-trends/MD13BestSellers?sid=EXP-MD13-BestSeller-CA" title="Shop Collection" class="arrow">SHOP COLLECTION</a> </div> <!-- end info --> </div><!-- end left-side --> <div class="right-side"> <!-- TODO: update path to image --> <img src="/wcsstore/SGH/experiences/mothersday2013/css/images/mothersday13_must_haves.jpg" class="last" width="200" height="200" alt="Georgia & Jerry's Must-haves"> <div class="info"> <h1 class="font-replaced">GEORGIA & JERRY'S<br />MUST-HAVES</h1> <p>The fashionistas share their favorite styles. Give stellar looks to make mom's day, every day of the year.</p> <a href="/ca/sunglasses-trends/MD13MustHaves?sid=EXP-MD13-MustHave-CA" title="Shop Collection" class="arrow">SHOP COLLECTION</a> </div> <!-- end info --> </div> </div> <!-- end padded-content middle --> <div class="bottom"> <div id="ft-video"> <div class="ft-video-start-card"> <!-- TODO: Update path to image --> <img alt="Mother's Day 2013" height="435" src="/wcsstore/SGH/experiences/mothersday2013/css/images/mothersday13_video1.jpg" width="775"> <p id="ft-video-start">Play Video</p> </div> <div id="ft-video-container"></div> </div> <!-- end ft-video --> </div> <!-- end bottom --> </div> <!-- end oakley-unstoppable --> </div><!-- end #content --><!-- TODO: Update path to swfobject file but it could be OK as is--><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><!-- TODO: Update path to JS file --><script src="/wcsstore/SGH/experiences/mothersday2013/js/mothersday13.js"></script> <!-- TODO: Perhaps update the paths below but they could be OK as is. --><!-- TODO: Path to page for updating flash player is not correct --><script type="text/javascript"> var swfFile = ''; if ($.trim(swfFile) != ''){ var h = ''; var w = ''; var src = '/' + swfFile; var expressInstall = ''; var params = { 'quality': 'high', 'wmode': 'opaque', 'menu': 'false', 'scale': 'noscale', 'salign': 'tl', 'AllowScriptAccess': 'always' }; var attributes = { 'xiRedirectUrl': window.location, 'redirectUrl': '' } var flashvars = { 'imagePath': '', 'swfPath': '', 'cid': '' }; var flashvarsString = ''; if ($.trim(flashvarsString) != ''){ var array = $.trim(flashvarsString).split('&'); for (var i = 0; i < array.length; i++){ var keyVal = array[i].split('='); if (keyVal.length == 2){ var key = keyVal[0]; var value = keyVal[1]; // if the key is set, then the variable is adding to one of the preset flash variables if (flashvars[key] != null){ flashvars[key] += value; }else{ flashvars[key] = value; } } } } flashvars['imagePath'] = encodeURIComponent(flashvars['imagePath']); flashvars['xmlPath'] = encodeURIComponent(flashvars['xmlPath']); flashvars['configXML'] = encodeURIComponent(flashvars['configXML']); flashvars['swfPath'] = encodeURIComponent(flashvars['swfPath']); flashvars['servicesXML'] = encodeURIComponent(flashvars['servicesXML']); flashvars['callPath'] = encodeURIComponent(flashvars['callPath']); swfobject.embedSWF(src, "flash-content", w, h, "9.0.0", expressInstall, flashvars, params, attributes); } if($('#flash').attr('class') == 'flash-update' || swfFile == ''){ $('.noflash').css('display', 'block'); $('#flash').html(''); }</script><!-- !DELIVERY: OVERAL ENDS -->