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Can I make multiple purchases with my gift card?

You sure can. Your gift card carries a balance until all of the credit is used up.

How do I purchase a gift card?

At any Sunglass Hut store "find your nearest store."

Can I return a gift card?

Unfortunately a Sunglass Hut Gift card cannot be returned. The black gift card is valid for 36months, but would require a balance check or purchase every 6months to ensure the card remains activated.

How do I check the balance on my gift card?

On the back of your gift card you will find a number for DRAWCARD, please call their Customer Service Department or you may visit any Sunglass Hut store who will gladly assist with a balance check.

What if I lose my gift card?

Sunglass Hut gift cards will not be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged and are subject to the terms on the card.

Do I need to spend the exact amount on my gift card?

Not all at once. If you buy something and have a balance left over, you can use your card again on your next purchase. If your gift card falls short on your next purchase, you can just make up the balance with a valid credit card.